Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My poor baby!!!

My poor baby had her 1st ER visit!
On Monday I was not feeling well at all so my mom was over so I could lay down before I was heading to the doctor.  When we were putting Liam down for a nap Emma was laying on the floor.  I grabbed her hand to help her up (she usually stands up but didn't this time) so I bent down and picked her up.  At this point she is now screaming.  She is a mess!  I get Liam down and go downstairs with her.  That is when we realize she is not throwing a fit... she is hurt.  I call Jeff and he comes home from work and we head to the ER.  They were super sweet there and got us in as fast as they could.  They did an xray to be safe and saw nothing so they knew the elbow was dislocated.  It took him about 10 seconds to get it back in.  Within 5 minutes she grabbed for Jeff's phone and then started waving by bye to the doctors.  She came home took a nap and woke up her cheerfulself:)

Hopefully this never happens again although the PA told us that once it happens it tends to happen again.  At least this time I will know what is wrong and may not (key word- may not) panic as much!!!

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