Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scenes from my phone

I was looking through my phone with Emma tonight before she went to bed and decided there were several pictures I wanted to keep...

My Little Princess is just like her daddy!  If there is just a little bit of sun she has to have her sunglasses on.  

 Emma is our little Bag Lady... It must just be a girl thing.  Think about what most purses look like....  
Hmmmm I guess we develop that trait very early on in life!

Mommy's Little Monster!  He is such a super baby!   
I just LOVE my monster!!

 Her NEW favorite thing.... I dread...


We have started Potty training....

 For Lilly:)
This is what happens when you are the 2nd child and your older sibling is a sister....
You get all the hand-me downs.... no matter the color!!!
Sorry Liam!  You look cute in pink thought!
 Emma and her BFF watching Clifford

There is one more picture that was not blog/internet appropriate...  Emma decided the other night she was going to have a party in bed instead of going to sleep.  All of a sudden she started screaching/crying so I went in.  She had taken her PJ's and her diaper off!  She was BUTT NAKED!  Luckily she did not decide to go to sleep like that or we would have had a MESSY bed in the AM!!! 

We have not been up to a whole lot lately.  It has been pretty rainy here so we have just been hanging out at home.  Hopefully the sun will shine again soon!

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