Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some pictures!

I have been bad at blogging lately... I have not slacked on the pictures though!  I have still been snapping pictures but just have not been uploading them and talking about our days:)

Here are some missing photos...
Our future Ballerina!  (She will have to learn her skills from Mary Ann not her mommy!!!)
Not exactly the beach but it is sand:)!

Organizing her blocks.  I think she could spend the day on my bed with blocks and books!

Getting ready to roll over

Emma thought this was a new toy for her.  How soon she has forgotten that was her time-out spot

Getting STRONG!

3 months!

He is wondering what she is doing to him!


Might not always be so gentle!

Someone was jealous that he was getting his photo taken so much for 3 months....


 Getting ready to go out to "play"

The twins were VERY protective of their toys!

Playing NICE!  With their bodyguard Guin-Guin

 Bubble Time
(Thanks Grandma!  These have been a HUGE hit!!!  We have refilled the tube a 1000 times!!!)

Emma's BFF's Guinness and Sabol!

I know you all are jealous of her Diva like style:)

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