Sunday, May 29, 2011

Swimming Fool!

Last year Emma was petrified of the pool.  She was NOT a fan at all.  This year.... she has NO fear!  I don't want her to be afraid but at the same time I need to make sure she understands the danger of the pool!!  I have gone back and forth on what to get her to have on as a floatie/life jacket...  We have not gotten anything yet and there were extra swimmies so we used those.  She did great!!!  she was kicking and reaching and pulling her arms and jumping into Jeff's arms.  He was the lucky one to go in the COLD water:)

Bulldog, the lifeguard

Haaadley (as Emma says)

Dayne and Haaadley (Delaney and Hadley)

Sleeping at Mema's!  His sister would have never done this!


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