Saturday, May 28, 2011

Parade Time!

Today we had another first!  We went to the Jameville Memorial Day parade!  Emma was very excited to go see Twucks!!  Liam was Liam:)  I woke him up from his nap and got him dressed to match Emma and he smiled the whole time! 

We got to the parade and all seemed to be going great!  Emma was happy and Liam was happy... then it was time for him to eat.  He DOWNED the bottle.  about 15 minutes later he started fussing so I thought maybe he was tired... nope... He then started to SCREAM!  If you just read about his 4 months I can honestly say Liam has only cried 3-6 times and NEVER EVER has it been like this.  Nothing was calming him.  I looked down and his legs and arms were turning bluish/purple.  Therefore I got a bit nervous!!!  We went inside and he seemed to calm down a little and got his color back.  I think with the wind and how fast he drank the bottle he was having gas pains.  He then got himself so worked up that he was hyperventilating and caused himself to turn bluish.  That was enough to scare me.... so for the beginning of his nap in the afternoon I sat in his room then I checked on him about every 10 minutes!   A little paranoid yes but I was a bit freaked out!!!

Emma had no clue that Yeum was upset.  She was so excited to see the Trucks and the parade.  She loved waving at all the cars driving by and LOVED seeing all the trucks.  She was a bit scared with the noise so she insisted on being held.  She had a smile the whole time so that was good!!


There is such a thing as SIBLING LOVE!

Aidan's BIG injury!

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