Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WONDERFUL Wednesday!

Today we had a WONDERFUL day! Today Emma and I went with Kim and the girls to an open Gym. Last time we went Emma would not play and just wanted me to hold her so I was sort of expecting the same today. When we got there it was just us so she played until someone else came. Then she basically observed what was going on and then played at the end. She did great sharing too!
After we left we went to play outside so Guinness could do some running around... Emma loved that too! This girl would stay outside 24hours/day if I let her!!!

that little dot behind the bush is Emma running all over the place exploring

Hadley LOVES Guinness and was just lounging watching her run in circles around the yard!!

In addition to a great time at the gym it was another GORGEOUS fall day!!!


Jillian said...

I hope you post pictures soon:) And good luck un packing!! I will be there in two weeks!

West Family said...

We have not moved into our house yet! Once we are moved in and unpacked I will post pictures... the decorating.... that will take sometime! Take one room at a time I think:)