Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our New Home!

Minnie Mouse Heading out the door to go play with the Goode's,
while Mommy and daddy go to check out our new HOME!

Our HOME!!!!!

When you first walk in

Backyard... We need to fence it in

the NEW home for the Keurig!! Perfect spot!!


"Eat-in" kitchen area, sliding doors go to backyard

Family Room

Living Room

Dining Room

BASEMENT!!! I am SOOOO Happy about this!!!

There is also an office in the basement as well

Baby West Room

Emma's Room

Master Bedroom

Emma and Little Bugs bathroom

There are obviously little things that we want to throughout the house for the most part it was move in ready and the changes can be made as time goes by. We are so excited to get moved in and get settled before the new baby arrives! It will be here before we know it!!!!



Jillian said...

YAY!! It is so open and big!! Love the kitchen!!

University of Iowa Meg said...

super pretty home :) happy halloween!