Friday, October 8, 2010


Today we had plans to go to Christ Church to see some people and kids before we leave on Friday. I was going to leave around 9 so figured we would skip quiet time. Around 10 of 9 Emma was whining and I looked and she had taken her frogs, scout and some books to her crib and she was whining to get in! Is this girl on a schedule or what!!?!!??? So I put her in for a quick quiet time before I headed out the door. It was great to see everyone and I can not say how blessed I am to have worked with them all and teach those wonderful kids!

When we got home we played for a bit and then lunch and a nap... I was not sure how she was going to sleep because she has been sleeping 13+ hours at night... last night was 13.5! and she slept for about 3 hours today and was in bed at 6:30! She must be growing or knows that her mommy is trying to do a million things and the house looks like a bomb went off!!! I think it is the later:)

After her nap she played more with scout! She LOVES him!! She was feeding him all day it was so cute! I know what her christmas gift is.... Baby doll, stroller, and whatever else to go with her!
Her is a little video of her feeding scout. I just LOVE when she says mmmmmmm and notice he has shoes on. That is a cute story too!

Well I am off to find something to eat... not much to choose from:) I have some pictures from the last few days to uploaded later....

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