Monday, October 4, 2010

This Girl is ALL set!!

Today we had our list visit with Dr. Price. I never thought I would cry leaving my OB's office! Hormones.... that is why!
I just love him and all the dr's in that office. They took such amazing care of me while I was pregnant with Emma and truly made me feel like I was their only patient. I think with knowing I am having a csection this time I am a little more nervous and then being with a new dr on top of it! I know it will all be fine, it is just changes!

After her appointment we decided to get out of her cute fall dress.... That got MANY compliments:) I will get pictures tomorrow!

and put on our warm sweatshirt... it was a cool fall day:)

Of course it is her new Syracuse sweatshirt! She is ready to go to a game in the Dome with Daddy!
She is off and all set for The 'Cuse:)


Jillian said...

She is so cute in the sweatshirt!! And I am going to be needing a new doctor soon, which stresses me out!

West Family said...

I am lucky that we are moving back home so I knew a little bit about the doctors. I did ask around though. good luck with finding a doctor! It is stressful:(