Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our playdate with Kate!

We miss Kate and Amy (of course Neal too!) already! Emma and Kate had a great time together on Wednesday while the movers were at our house packing. Emma did her quiet time and Kate and I read what I thought was her FAVORITE book. Is your mama a llama? Apparently that is not her favorite book but she walked around as if it was! They then played and ate lunch and both took GREAT naps! I didn't think Emma was ready for bed yet so we were watching the Miners be rescued when I looked down at her she was sound asleep so I took her up to bed as well... They got up ate more cheerios and played some more! It was so fun watching them play together rather than just lay there like when they first met:)

Scout joined in for Breakfast

Kate was not sure at first about sharing her toys but she did GREAT!

Teaching Emma how to go up her the stairs at her new house!

Emma smiling both with their bunny/frogs sucking their thumbs!

Emma starting to freak out and Kate beginning to laugh at her...

Emma is in complete freak out mode and Kate is wondering what in the world is wrong with this girl?????
How can she be upset watching Little Bill!

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