Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pre-trick or treating

Today we went over to Mema and Papa's to go trick or treating. They will be in Marco Island for the fun day so we went and got our treats early and had dinner. That will be The extent of Emma's trick or treating. We may head over to Aunt Kims so she can see a trick or treater or two before bed but no going on out on the town for this little one:) It will be past "OUR" bed time! I have been laying down soon after she goes to bed:)

Getting ready to go!

Not so sure about this thing on my head!!

Mommy why aren't you coming???

Are you sure it is ok????

OHHHH!! It is just Mema and Papa!

Lilly wants candy too!!

Officially climbing on EVERYTHING!

Bubble time!

Anyone want a diet coke?


The Princess and The Frogs have arrived!

The Cutest Little Guy I know....
Although he is not so little anymore!!
Aidan was a Red eye tree frog... How many 5 year olds do you know that want to be that for Halloween??? His sister had to be just like him!

Hadley playing with our old barbies

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