Monday, October 18, 2010

First day in CNY!

I think this will get us caught up.....

We are in NY and "settled" in the hotel until the closing of the house in SC and here.... Lets hope we will be getting settled in our house in the few weeks!
We ended up staying over night on Friday in VA because we were all tired... Guinness was not so sure about the car ride! We got up early 5AM and headed out the door Saturday. We got to NY around 2ish PM. It was a long drive and we are all VERY happy it was over. We unloaded some of the things that came with us at my parents and left Emma there so we could unpack the rest at the hotel. We then headed back to get Emma and have dinner.
Sunday we went to the pumpkin farm and it was nice but really muddy so it was hard to just let Emma rin like she wanted too because of the puddles of Mud. I ran into a roommate from college that I have not seen or spoken to in forever. It was nice to catch up with her while the kids played. We came back "home" so everyone could take naps that were needed by all. Then got up and headed to my sisters for what I requested for dinner. Turkey dinner. It was DELICIOUS!

Here are some pictures at the Pumpkin Farm....

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