Sunday, October 10, 2010

Missing pictures from the week....

Notice Scout is in about everyone of them... if not EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Yes, I know her hair is in her face! At least when we are out of the house she will keep a bow in. She will not keep one in at home!!!

Trying to get to the food

I have food her silverware ALL over the place! It was a great investment... We may not use it to eat with but a WONDERFUL toy:)

The front of her hair is going to need a cut soon!!! it is the ONLY place that is growing!!

When Emma is ready for her name she will let you know! Even if it is not nap time yet!!

So sweet sucking her thumb.... in 5 years I will hate it but now it is too CUTE!

The silverware again

Feeding Scout!

This is her "new" bench that Grandma brought over for us to take to the new house!
She LOVES it!!! Scout her and Lilly JUST FIT!

Taking Scout for a walk

Luckily Guinness and Sabol are too big for her to walk!

With her "babysitter" the Wiggles! I had to get some packing done and they did a GREAT job taking care of her! Best part.... they didn't charge:)!!!

Playing ball with Guinness and Scout:)

What would I have done without Scout these past 3 weeks?????!!!!

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