Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wild Wednesday

Today we decided to attempt the zoo AGAIN!  We have gone every week and every week Emma HATES it!  Today we went with the twins and when I asked her if she wanted to go with Hadley and Delaney she said NOOOO!!!!  NO ZOO!!!  NONONONONO!  So I heard that for about an hour before going.  The ride there... NOOOOOOO!!!!  Pulling in parking lot NOOOO ZOOOO MOMMY!  NOOOOOO
Hadley and Delaney pulled in and all was better in the world!  Then Mema came and the zoo was the cool place to be!  We will see if she will like it without Hadley and Delaney!

Oh NO!  Not again Emma!  LEAVE ME ALONE!

she was more interested in taking care of Liam in the beginning!


clean up time from Lollipops (of the truth of why she was happy!)


They look like quads here...  The youngest Emma is the tallest I think:)

The Prince!

If Emma could tell you she would say Aunt Kim is the best because she gives her all sorts of YUMMY food.  She always gets "specials" from her!  Today she got a lollipop and that was the BEST thing!  She loved it.  Delaney even told us that Emma said she REALLY liked it! 

After the Zoo we Liam and Emma both took great naps and then it was water time at home. 
BIG girl cup

Going to give Guin Guin some water

what am I suppose to do in here????

What is that???

Watching the Wiggles!

 TV Junkie like his sissy:) 

All the fun must have tired them out!  Liam was out at 5:15 and not a peep out of him and Emma went up at 7:00 heard her reading her book for a few minutes and then NOTHING!  Hope I can tire them out tomorrow too!

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