Saturday, June 11, 2011

Balloon Festival

Last night was the PERFECT night for Balloons to take off!  It was great to see them and the kids LOVED them! I wish that today was going to be as perfect so we could enjoy another festival but I am not so sure Mother Nature is going to grant that wish!  Oh well at least we got to see some balloons yesterday!

Liam getting spoiled and lots of rocking time:)
First with Mema

Uncle Eric's turn
The best was Daddy time!!!
Hate one minute, LOVE the next
I am sure it was a LOVE tap.... right???
Being the super sweet brother he can be!

Liam was adopted by the Goode's :)  He fits right in with his blue eyes and Big head ;)
Doesn't it look like there is room for one more???

Liam flirting with Delaney

Guilty smile!  What was he thinking???

Where is it Daddy??? 

I loved the excitement!


They keep coming!!!

Miss Sass!  I think (know) we are in TROUBLE!

But she sure can be cute:)
 We can't Forget this CUTIE!!



She sure LOVES her Aiddy!

Emma is OBSESSED with Aunt Kim!  Just having some fun!

Papa  and his girls!   
 (I would have LOVED to have Emma in that one with Papa but she is not at the age (stage) where I would even begin to try and make her take a picture!)

Dinner Time
The binoculars were a BIG hit.... and caused a little drama!
 Luckily Emma has a SUPER SWEET cousin, Delaney, who hates to see (or hear her) her sad.  Due to having that sweet cousin you will notice Emma ALWAYS has the binoculars!  THANK YOU DELANEY:)
Hadley saw more Balloons!

She thought they were a camera and kept saying SMILE!

The other pair of Binoculars (still Delaney doesn't have a pair!)

We had such a great time but Miss Emma Rose decided to have a melt down and that it was time to go home!!!  Oh how we love this sassy and stubborn little girl!  I have no idea where she gets those characteristics??  I know I was not like that at all:)  Right mom??? 

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