Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 month update

We are already behind on Liam's well baby check-ups.  I am ok with that because it was a longer time for me to have to see him cry from shots:)
He did great there.  When it was time for the shots he got his puckered lip ready but his cry only lasted for a few seconds!
Dr. Ruffa walked in and looked at him and said WOW!  He is LONG!  He sure is!!!  Liam was 27.5 inches (99%) and 16lbs (55%) and his head was 17in (66%).  As a friend of mine said "all 55% is in those cheeks."  Emma had plump cheeks as well but his are to die for they are so cute!!
Dr. Ruffa then asked about his sleeping.  I said he was doing great.  She asked how long does he sleep at night.  I said about 12 hours or so.  She just looked at me and said 12 hours!!!  Without getting up???  Liam wakes just to get his pacifier or if he has flipped onto his belly and can't flip back.  so it is just a quick wakeup.  She said we may not want to tell any friends that he is sleeping that long because they may defriend us:)  Last night he went to bed at 5:30 and woke up about 8:15 this AM!  I always found with Emma she slept great after shots.  Looks like he is following in her footsteps!

We started cereal about 2 weeks ago and we got the go ahead to start fruits and veggies.  Today Emma helped me mash up some avocado to feed Liam.  She was so excited to give it to him.   Not sure why but the whole time we were in the grocery store she held the bag of avocado and said Liam Eat! Liam Eat!....  Maybe she remembers how boring plain ole cereal was!

He just wants to get her so bad.  I am thinking LOTS of Yelling in the future!


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Katie said...

So cute!!! LOVE those chubby cheeks! My Liam is obsessed with his big sister, too. Love that they have each other!