Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday FUNDAY!

Today we had a blast!!  
Delaney and Hadley came over for a little bit this morning and I got some good laughs out of them! 
They played so well together and Emma pretended they were here the rest of the afternoon!  I kept hearing her talking to "Dayney and Haaaadleee". 
When Aidan walked through the gate this is what he saw...

and in his words "Wow they had a blast!"

At one point I was getting Liam to sleep and when I came down Hadley and Emma were inside Delaney was sitting on the step whimpering.  Emma was standing in front of the door saying NONO daynee! NONONO!!!  Well that got her into Time Out!  I told her she had to say she was sorry and give D a kiss.  She did and they went off to play.  I went upstairs a few minutes later and the same thing happened.  I thought where in the world did Emma learn this... Well I found out it had been going on in the Goode House.... When Kim asked the girls if they were good they said yes and when asked if theyweren't letting anyone in the door Hadley chimmed right in and said Emma wouldn't let D in!  So Kim said where did she learn that?  Who taught her??  You will never guess who taught her.... AUNT JILL!!  HAHA!  Hadley said that I taught her how to hold the door so Delaney couldn't come in!  What a MEAN aunt I am:) 

They were really funny today and did such a great job sharing and playing together.  Emma loves having her cousins around!  She learns so many great things from them:)

We spent a lot of time bouncing!  It was great!!!
This picture cracks me up.  The look on Hadley's face!  There was a TINY TINY bug (i couldn't see it) and she was scared to death.  We are all afraid of something... They are afraid of Bee's and bugs, while Emma chases bees saying buggy buggy.  Emma is petrified of tractors and People(haha... not a joke though!), they LOVE papa's tractors!  Hopefully they each grow out of these fear... especially the one of all people!  

Some Action shots:)

 The babies Sun bathing!
Liam was not asleep for the whole playdate.  He got spoiled by his 3 mommies!

Liam is thinking.... I can make these girls do anything for me!  He is going to love that they are his older sister/cousins when he is in HS!


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