Friday, June 3, 2011

Thursday/Friday recap

Thursday was an interesting day to say the least.... The picture below will describe most of the day.  No words are needed!

I LOVE her strong will personality because I know it will get her far in life but... at 2 years old she can relax a little:)  I am not sure where she gets her stubbornness from????  It must be from her father:)  NO NEED TO COMMENT ANYONE!

Liam has been having some exciting days!  He is now rolling from back to stomach and today he must have rolled from stomach to back onto the hardwood floor.  He  may be a drama king like his drama queen sister!!!  I am sure it scared him though!  He never cries so when he does it is so stinking cute to hear that little voice!  I like hearing just every few days... not everyday!   Liam also sat in the exersaucer for the first time (for more then a few minutes)
I am afraid he is going to be a finger sucker...  I would rather have the thumb!

Emma showing him how to use all the toys!

She did very good sharing.  She did not care at all that Liam was in the seat!

My How You Have Grown, Miss Emma Rose!
The pictures on the Left are from about a year ago!  She has changed in so many ways but is still my baby girl!!!

Well nap time has come to an end and there is fun to be had in the sun!!  Come back later tonight to see what we were all up to today!!

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