Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Cuteness!

I can't say this enough but he is the sweetest best baby!  Emma was just as good so I feel so blessed to have another healthy, sweet and happy baby!!  I just love that smile.  He smiles as soon as you look at him and his eyes just light up! I LOVE IT!!!

Last night I decided it was time to be swaddle free.  I was so worried that he was going to be a mess and be up all night.  The only reason we were getting rid of the swaddle is because he was rolling over and getting the blanket all wrapped around him... not the safest thing!  He proved me wrong!  He went right to sleep and only woke up twice for his paci!  Then he took his 4 naps without being swaddled!  Tonight he fought it a little but I would put the paci back in and he would dose off until her knocked it out again... He wants to suck on his fingers or thumb but just can't figure it out yet.  Hopefully soon:) 

Last... Could I really have another red head??  He was born with dark brown hair but his eyes brows were red and now the new hair is coming in strawberry blonde (lighter then Emma's).  It will be crazy if we have another red head when neither Jeff nor I have red hair!  
I must say he is pretty darn cute with that red hair though:)

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