Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dinner Time

I have not given Liam cereal every night ut he has enjoyed it the nights I have given it to him!  I had just been sitting him in the bouncy seat but decided to pull out the "highchair".  It is much easier to clean!
I was NOT moving fast enough for this chunk of Love!

Giving him a kiss to make it all better!


We had to paint the fingernails today!

I think we have a finger sucker:(

My assistant

I love the faces in this one!
 Liam is saying AHHHH that is enough and Emma is saying EAT IT!!!

Look at those porkchop legs!!  I LOVE the rolls!!!


HAHA!  Look who insisted sitting in the "BIG" girl chair!  

I had told her Liam was sitting in a big boy chair so when I told her it was time for her to have dinner, she said she wanted to sit in the "big" girl chair.  This is who wanted out of the chair as soon as she saw Hadley and Delaney sitting in regular chairs!  Now she wants to be just like her baby brother!