Saturday, June 11, 2011

organizing... Never ending!

As Liam is beginning to get bigger and bigger by the minute I need to beginning packing more of his clothes:(  For some reason I hate doing this!  I hate putting all the cute things away.  I know that there will be more that I get just as attached too but I won't lie I want to freeze time.  He is just so sweet and cuddly and I don't want that to change! 
SO...  To make room for his stuff in storage, I have to get Miss Emma's better organized.  I started with all of hers in bins but it started to get expensive buying all those tupperware bins so why not put those diaper boxes to use!  This girl has not lacked in clothes! 

There is more on the other side too!
Poor Liam!  His wardrobe won't be a 1/4 of what she has down there!  I guess it is a good thing I had a boy:)!!

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