Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What have we been doing?????

Well... we eat, sleep and eat again:)
Sunday the Goode's all came over for dinner and pre-super bowl fun:) Due to the super bowl starting at bedtime for Emma and the twins we did our party early! I still don't understand why it can't start at 4???? Oh well, we had fun and had yummy food and were happy with the outcome:)

Emma got to play some more outside Sunday afternoon too and she loved it!!!

Monday we did A LOT of sitting around! Emma was sick with a fever and wanted nothing but sitting on the couch. Her fever was up to 103 and she was miserable and sad! She took a great nap- 4 hours and then went to bed and slept for 14 hours straight. She woke up with out a fever (low fever) but was still miserable for Mema's last day:( I felt so bad!

Today (wednesday) she was much better after a good nap. The AM was a little touchy with having to take Liam to the Doctors. She is afraid of the doctors so she was not to happy about being there! On the positive side we were told Liam is perfect and healthy!!! He was up to 8lbs so we have to go back next week and then we should be ok until his 2 month apt. I would think he will be at his birth weight by next Tuesday!

We have been blessed again with so far an excellent baby!
He loves to sleep just like his sister did:)

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