Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pictures and more Pictures

I know there are a TON of pictures of Liam and few of Emma but it is MUCH easier to take a picture of an object that is not moving vs. and object that is running a mile a minute!! Emma does not walk anywhere.. She RUNS and RUNS and RUNS. She gets mad when Guinness stops running with her but even guinness gets tired out from her! I did not think it was possible for her to get tired! I am hoping she will slow down someday so I can have better pictures of her but I guess that is the phase of life we are in!!!

This was on Sunday.  It was a blue sky and then all of a sudden it got super dark in the house and this is what it looked like outside.  For those of you that know our house know that you can see trees and a house in the back.  It was snowing so hard you could not see anything!

He loves his Paci but I think he is really going to love his thumb because it is in the hole of the paci!

having snacks with daddy!

Sibling bonding... or fighting in who gets to sit in what baby seat!

One of his few "alert" moments!

Happy Valentine's Day:)

She is saying MELMO, MELMO!!!! 

First bath!

Liam HATED the bath until he found the thumb!!

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