Friday, February 25, 2011

Great Birthday:)

This was started the other day.... The 23rd:)  Just getting back to it!

Today started with reading a text from a very good friend from SC (just moved to NC about 2 weeks ago) that she had had her beautiful baby girl on the 23rd!!  My Birthday:)  I knew it was a wonderful day to have a birthday!!!
I got to spend the day with these two SWEET babies!

After Emma was in bed, Jeff and I headed out to dinner and left Liam in the arms of Aunt Kim.  I had a talk with L before we left that he was suppose to poop while she was here.  He is on a 3 day cycle (TMI:) and it was day 3.  It didn't happen and he did it probably before she was out of the driveway.  I wanted to give her a call and have her come back to finish her job!  I am sure I cleaned many of Aidan's dirty diapers:

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