Saturday, February 19, 2011

3 weeks and GROWING!

Life is tough and tiring for a 3 week old!

I think I am now the same length as Midnight!

Look at those CHEEKS!!!

Emma forcing the DOOOGGGIIIEEEEE in his mouth

What do you want???????

Yes, I have the child that will get in trouble at school for climbing up the slide!

hanging with Guin-Guin

Liam is 3 weeks old!!!  Almost a month:(  He continues to be a super baby!  No complaints yet.  Although last night he did have a rough night... maybe it was from what I ate though....  We will see because I didn't learn and had left overs for lunch:(  When we went to the Dr's on Tuesday he was 8lbs 8oz so he had past birthweight!  WOO HOOO!!!

Emma is starting to really adjust.  She doesn't like when he cries and tries to shove the paci into his mouth which he doesn't always like!  She "held" him once and gives him many "air"kisses a day.  The hardest time for her is around 4:30 when we are getting ready for dinner and until bedtime.  The in between time she just looks at him and wants to know where he is at all times!

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