Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Liams First few days!

When we went into the hospital we were told that there was a possibility that we would be moved up an hour for the csection. I was SO happy to hear that. Then my blood pressure started to go up and they had to do lab work. This caused us to miss the earlier opening and then they got a little behind schedule so I did not get in until closer to 2:00. I was getting very nervous about the section. Knowing what I was going into had its pros and cons... The nurse that was with me for the section was super sweet and she was a great while they attempted the spinal 3 times! Of course I was thinking they are going paralyze me at the rate they are going. Finally the Attending Doctor took over and got it right the 4th time. I know interns need to learn on someone but.... seriously on me???? Once that kicked in we got started!

I thought I was going to throw up (which was really just my acid reflux, which was EXTREMELY bad that day) so I told the anethesiologist and he said that is fine most people do. I said where am I suppose to throw up and he said right there.... yes on myself apparently! SO I tried to think good thoughts.... I didn't get sick. I thought of Emma through the whole thing!!! She brought happy thoughts to my mind. Jeff finally was able to come in and I began to relax a little more.
Not to gross you all out but I felt a lot more this time around. It was strange because with Emma I was completely numb... this time I can't say the same... The next thing I knew they said they were taking Liam out! I heard his sweet cry and all my worries went away!!!

They brought him over to get weighed and the chunker weighed in at 8lbs 4oz!!!! CRAZY!!!
When we went to recovery it got quite busy and chaotic in there because there were several emergency c sections. My blood pressure continued to be all funky so I ended up staying there for 5.5 hours compared to the 2.25 hours I was supose to be there. That was the worst part of the day!

Then the recovery in the room started and I suprisingly have done great. I did great with Emma but I feel much better this time around.

While in the hospital I sent Liam to the nursery at night and they said he was GREAT! They had to wake him to bring him down to me to eat. Lets hope he is as great of a baby as his big sister!!

We left the hospital on Monday and he weighed 7.7. Although he is much bigger then Emma was he seems so TINY to me!!

now... Here is Mr. Liam Allen West

Recovery Room visitors!

Daddy is not sleeping:) Just doesn't like to keep his eyes open for pictures:)

got to hold Liam much quicker than I did Emma!

Liam's Visitors!
Mema and Papa came up with Aunt Kim!

Aunt Kim had to lie to A, H, and D about where she was going because they wanted to see the baby!

Big Sister Came to visit!!
She was a little (ok A LOT) hesitant towards Liam!

I have not proof read this entry so if it is scattered and jumpy it is because I typed it in the hospital when I was on some good drugs!

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