Monday, November 8, 2010


This has been a crazy week! We have officially been homeowners in CNY for a week!! I am VERY fortunate because Jeff unpacked almost EVERYTHING!!! I am just about done with Emma's room unpacking and next weekend we will start the painting and all that fun stuff:) haha! First I want to do her room and then move on to the baby's room because we found out today when he will be born!!!! in just under 3 months Emma will be a big sister and we will have two babies under two and a family of 4!!!! YIKES!!!!

I have not taken many pictures because we have been busy running around and unpacking but today I tried to get a few in the playroom. She has pants on over her tights because at naptime I was afraid she was going to get those off and the diaper:)

Watching the DVD player:)

Daddy, E and Guinness were playing frisbee yesterday.
E could not figure out why G would not play like she was yesterday. She was getting so
angry.... it was cute:)

G checking out the tantrum:)

Helping mommy dust!

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