Sunday, November 14, 2010


Last night Jeff was gone and Emma was sound asleep so I had a lot of alone time because we are still without TV and I thought I will watch a movie.... DVD player did not make the move successfully:( So I decided I was finally going to order some wedding pictures and pictures that we had gotten of Emma this spring. I had so much fun ordering some pictures for decorating our house. I am not sure I have said this on here but I LOVE our home!!!

Last night as I was sitting going through all the pictures I started to think ahead to Christmas. I am so excited to wake up in Our Home on Christmas AM and begin our traditions as a family! It is hard to believe that next Christmas I will have an almost 1 year old as well to join in the fun (if we are lucky we will have a late walker)!!!! I am already plotting where the Tree will go:) We will have to wait and see where Jeff decides to mount the TV:)

I was going to get some of my Christmas stuff out while Jeff was away this weekend but think I will wait another weekend:) I just love this time of year.

This are pictures of Emma from last Christmas that I saw last night while going through photos. We need to get her in one of her Christmas dresses to try to get a picture for Christmas cards. I have another idea for the card so that isn't really necessary but would be nice to have one:)

The LONG LONG drive.... What should have been about a 13 hour trip... Took us about 52hours!!! I think after that we said NO more traveling on Christmas!!! It was a LONG ride in silence!!!

Enjoying her "first" Gift!

Her Christmas Dress and Bow that she can wear again this year as a top!!! I just loved it so I am so excited!

Checking out REAL snow for the first time:)

LOVED these pj's!
Hopefully the little guy is not too big and can where all the cute Christmas clothes next year!!


NOW that is the HOLIDAY SPIRIT:)

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