Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Missing photos....

I know I have not been very good here.... Not like there are other things going on!!!

Here are some pictures that I just uploaded onto my computer.... ENJOY:)

Hanging with her buddy!

Christmas Time:)!!!!

Notice the footwear....

Showing Sabol her FAVORITE books!

These were last week at the open gym... It only took her almost the WHOLE time to get off my lap:)

Swinging in the playroom:)

Helping Daddy with the garage!

Enjoying one of 4 Sesame Streets that we have watched OVER and OVER and OVER! Hopefully on Saturday we will have new things to watch and we just got a new DVD player so we can watch some videos tomorrow!!!

Thanks to E's friend Alyssa for the SUPER CUTE sweater:)!!!

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Jillian said...

I need to do this too!! I have some pictures and it would make a great random post!! Looks like you guys are settled in!!