Monday, November 29, 2010

Been busy

I think I am more busy now then I was when I was teaching last year! I feel like I had more time to update last year!!
Today I had an appointment so I thought for the baby.... well after sitting there for a few minutes they called me up to tell me it was tomorrow but that they would fit me in because it was a "quick" appointment.....
I was concerned about my fluid levels so we ended up having a sonogram to check on that. The little guy was quite active for it and the fluid levels were good. She is going to do another sonogram in 2 weeks just to make sure that we are still good to go! I can't believe that he will be here in less then 2 months!!!! It has gone by so fast! This pregnancy has been VERY VERY different!
- first I feel him move and see him move ALL the time. Emma I felt maybe 6-10 times!
- the heartburn is twice as bad!
- I am having no trouble sleeping, which I did with Emma. That could be because I was on bedrest and slept in the day!
- my bloodpressure is lower then it was prior to being pregnant! With Emma.... Well we know that it was SKY HIGH!!!!

Those are just a few things that are very much different this time around. I just hope this little guys sleeps like his sister!!! We will have to have Emma train him! We have the sound machine ready!!

here are just 2 pictures.... I have a video to upload tomorrow (it is taking forever and I am going to go to bed!

Waiting for her cousins to come over for Pizza!

Emma's plate to leave cookies for Santa and his reindeer

SOOOOO happy daddy is home!! Emma spent most of the day with her daddy on Saturday but was still sleeping when he left on Sunday to go to a Bills game and was sleeping when he got home (so was I!!!) and was still sleeping when he left this AM so she was more than ready to see him tonight!!!

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Jillian said...

I have horrible heart burn too!!