Friday, November 26, 2010

EXCITING Black Friday!!

We had such an exciting Black Friday shopping trip:)
We went to Babies -r-Us and got a humidifier 50%!!! That was our big outing!!! We went for a video monitor too because I want another monitor for the baby because I am not ready to have Emma Monitor free yet! It was on sale so Ithought why not get it now. Then I realized there was only "one monitor for it. I want to have one upstairs and one downstairs so I don't have to travel around with it. So instead we walked out with 2 humidifiers (one for my sister and one for Emma) and two outfits for the baby (they were on sale and 50% off).

After that we went to Papa's store to pick out our Christmas tree! It was a bit different from the last 3 years. Those years we were going to pick out trees in 70 degree weather (not very Christmas like).... Today we went in a WINDY 35 degree weather.... it was missing the snow but we agreed our bodies have not yet adjusted back to the COLD weather!!! Emma had so much fun running around the store! Of course she was outside!

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