Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life From My Phone:)

Here are some photos from the last week or so that I have taken with my phone. We are still unpacking. Although I did not know that Jeff had some amazing super powers and had MUCH of the house unpacked by the time E and I got up Weds AM!!! I think Emma's room will have to wait until Jeff is here this weekend to entertain while I attack that. I tried this AM and she just took things out that I put away!

Guinness Giving Lilly some love at the hotel!

Someone else LOVED the king size bed;)

On our way to the Goode's to see some trick or treaters.... this is what we saw;)

These stickers occupied her for at least an hour. I am glad I bought a ton at target in the dollar section!

Breaking in the new house!

Checking it ALL out:)

Watching Guin-Guin in her new yard! We just need the fence!

Cool Girl!

Testing out the "baby" doll pack n play! She tried to lay down in it

D had to test the Baby stroller:)


H and D taught her how to use this! I tried all summer!

Still LOVES her silverware to play with!!!

I am LOVING our new house but I do miss those breakfasts and dinners that were prepared and the maid that came in a cleaned up after me:) But I LOVE the space and watching Emma run around!!!

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