Sunday, March 20, 2011

Typical Sunday

*** Sorry for the sideways pictures.  I couldn't get them to come up flipped

Wake up time for Liam...
Liam woke at8:00, 2:00 and then at 7:14! 
Yes this is blurry but after he is unswaddled he waves those arms like crazy:)  He eats and then goes back down for a nap about 1hr later (sometimes sooner... sometimes an 1.5hr)

This one immediately jumps into the warm spot!

Now Big Sisters time to wake up!  If she is not up by 8:45 I wake her up.  A typical day she is awake between 8-8:45 
 After Liam's Nap he does his stretching to show how BIG he is!!

 Emma's day got to stay in PJ's until after her nap!

She runs around like a wild woman!  Of course with Lilly!

Laughs at Daddy and Guinness!

Is silly with Daddy!
Her new thing is telling Sabol she is stinky!  HMMMM I guess I say that a lot:)

Emma's new thing is playing with stickers.  Luckily I have about a million from teaching!

Discovered she has a magnetic wall!

 Emma was disappointed to find out not ALL of our walls are magnetic:)

After nap we had a visit from Mema.  After she left it was dinner and bath time.  I am starting to get that routine figured out.  I can have E help with giving Liam a bath and then she takes a bath and he eats and goes to bed and then we can finish her routine of having a little more playtime and then books and BED!!!!

Then there is silence....

Now time for us to eat dinner...Should be able to eat by 8:)

That is our typical Sunday.... or our typical day!  
eat, play, sleep, eat, play and sleep some more:)

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Amy said...

One- isn't it lovely to have BLACK dirt back that will wash versus red clay that stains forever!
Two- If Emma is anything like Kate...her diaper smells and Lilly smells equal more than dog smell! Hah. Kate's bunny gets so stinky sometimes it is gross! :)