Friday, March 25, 2011

The #2!

The number 2 has a lot of meaning today!!!
First we have a 2year old!!

Who still LOVES her Lilly

I can not believe that Emma is already 2!  This has been 2 of the best years.  She adds so much fun, laughter and ENERGY to our lives!! She came in fighting and she still has her fighting and determined, strong willed behavior!! I wouldn't change that at all because it makes her who she is and in the future she will be a fighter and get what she wants:)

How can you NOT LOVE this face!

So what else does the number 2 stand for??  For the two days that I was induced to end with a csection.  It was all worth it!  
She is always zumping (jumping)

LOVE this crazy ZUMPING little girl!

If she is not Jumping... she is RUNNING!  That is why there are not as many pictures of her:)

Also today Liam is 8weeks.... 2 months old!!  He will officially be 2 months on the 28th but 8 weeks is 2 months:)

We are full of 2's today:)  I am hoping this is the #2 night of Liam almost sleeping through the night!!  I know it is not cpmpletely sleeping through the night but I think eating at 7:30 aand going to 4:30 and then back to bed until 8:00 is pretty good!!  When he woke up at 4:30 he was just doing some grunting and never opened his eyes so he may have stayed asleep.  I was awake so I figured I mind as well feed him.  Here's to hoping!!  

Mommy, daddy and Liam LOVE you VERY VERY MUCH!!!!

March 25, 2009
After a LONG few weeks Miss Emma Rose arrived with some drama of course:)

March 25, 2010(around that date) 
she liked the dramatic faces then (and still does!!)

Trying to get a picture with her BFF Kate

Kate was not sure WHY she was crying!!!

This was the best smash cake!  LOVED it and hated smashing it:)


Brandi said...

Awww, she is precious! Happy Birthday to Emma! :)

Jillian said...

AWWW I love this!! Happy 2's all around!!