Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pizza and Wings

Tonight we went up to Kim's  for Pizza and Wings... which I have been craving!  I know I am not pregnant anymore but I am still having the cravings:)!

The Girls and Aidan ADORE baby "Yeum" aka Liam to the adults (and Aidan, he can pronounce his L's!)
Aidan was serenading all the girls!

Now it is the girls turn to be rock stars!

Looks like there is a little attitude here???

Not sure where she learned to give the looks she was giving;)

All the cousins sharing and playing the guitar at once! 

Jumping in the Bounce House makes the CRAZY"S come out of all of them!  T
hey love this and so do I!  We came home and Emma passed out... not a sound!

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Katy B. said...

Fourth picture from the bottom...what a diva! I love that munchkin.