Monday, March 14, 2011

6 weeks old!!


I can't believe that a month and a half ago Liam entered the world!  WOW!  Time does seem to go so fast!  Liam is still doing great.  He is beginning to spend a little more time awake between naps and eating.  We are beginning to work on a "schedule" with him.  As in schedule just eat, play then nap time. I am still trying to figure out how to get him in a bath, fed and in bed and at the same time as that Emma wants too eat...  I know once the weather gets nicer and it is lighter out Emma will be staying up a little later and playing outside (WOOHOO!!!!) so that will hopefully help.
3-6 month pj's

The last few nights Liam has done GREAT! He is waking up between1-2 and then between 4:30-6:00.  After he eats he goes right back to sleep which is great for us!!  This boy loves his sleep and I am seeing a flash into the future of MANY fights with mom and dad about getting up for school in the teenage years. 
I got some cheeks!

What does Liam weigh at 6 weeks????? I am not sure but he feels HUGE too me!  I am thinking I need to go buy myself a scale so I can know how much he weighs.  I would also like to know Emma too:) 
He is not on a solid eating schedule yet.  He is still eating every 3-4 hours during the day and at night gives us a long stretch and then a 3-4 hour one.  Although it makes me sad that he is growing so fast I am happy to know that he is nice and HEALTHY!!!  He is still wearing the 0-3 month clothes but last night I put on 3-6 month PJ's!  I have a box and as he outgrows it I toss it in to be packed away!  Now our storage room will be taken over by boy clothes!!!  What will we do with all that space one day!

For your 6 week birthday you began to smile!  I have yet to get a good one on camera. 
On Sunday he kept smiling at Aidan!  Of course when I got the camera he decided he was done!

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