Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

The other day when I went to upload the pictures it told me I hit the max amount and I had to begin to pay.  For now it is the best option because as my sister said this is basically a baby book that I have recorded so much of Emma's life and will hopefully do the same for Liam.
Saturday Emma had a birthday party to go to for her friend Zoe.  Zoe turned 2!  Zoe's mom and I worked together when we worked at Southside Academy... The joys of that job:)  We had a great time and so happy that we were here to celebrate with Zoe this year!  While we were partying Jeff and Liam were watching basketball... well Liam slept the whole time:)

Emma and the Birthday Girl!

Help mommy! 

Sunday Emma went up to Aunt Kims to play with the kids.  they would slide down their snowbanks and I thought she would have a great time... well not so much.  I think the HUGE snowbanks were a little scary for her!  Liam hungout (slept) in Kim's car while we were outside and then he said enough is enough and he wanted to head inside.  While inside he was attacked with LOVE from Aidan, Hadley and Delaney!  They are so in love with him it was cute!
 trying to get the kids in a photo... Emma was not having it!

Aidan up on the LITTLE snowbank:)

Emma thought it was spring and decided to ride bikes instead.... I know what is on her bday list now!

The Goode's

Here they all are:)

She was a little afraid being on the snowbank...  I don't blame her!!

Monday we just hung out.  I took Liam's 1 month photos.  You will see in the photo's that I may be a little overtired or just a ditz...  I put 2-25-11 instead of 2-28-11:)  oops!  It really was taken on the 28th:)  Poor second baby his sister was born on the 25th so I think that is why I wrote it!  I am having mothers guilt so I will take a picture that says the 28th tomorrow even though we will know it really isn't the 28th!
SERIOUSLY?????  More pictures??

I am as long as the doggy:)

What is that crazy sister doing???


You are a great sleeper so far like your sister! I hope it sticks around!!!

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