Sunday, March 27, 2011

Party Time!

Due to Emma only being two and not having a clue what her birthday means we decided to move her birthday a day.  Jeff and I gave her her present on Saturday along with having her little party.
She loved everything!
Emma's face was complete surprise when she got the bounce house... It was better then Christmas!  One of these days I will upload the video's:)

She went from being shy and shocked to a Wild jumping girl!!

Poor Emma got her Mom's hair!  No matter what you do there is STATIC!!  The bounce house sure doesn't help that problem!!!

Liam and his dog guard watching his CRAZY sister!  He is probably wondering how old he has to be to get in there!

 She went from jumping in the bounce house to jumping on the trampolene and repeat, repeat, repeat!!!
she is a jumping fool!

Emma Must have been SO excited for her birthday and her Birthday Party that she decided it was a GREAT day to not nap. She spent 2 VERY unhappy hours up in her bed! But... When she got up she was ready to bounce and repeat her AM:)

Waiting for the Guest to arrive!!!

The First Guest have arrived!!
She is now ready to cook us dinner!

Checking out Emma's new Kitchen
 Let the PARTY BEGIN:)

Aidan and his girls:)

Being just like Aidan!


This one cracks me up with Zoe!
The girls all bouncing away!

Liam got to stay up late:)  Can't you tell he is having a blast!

 Dinner time!

I think we will be buying A LOT of watermelon this summer!!!

The King and his Queens

Kitchen food from Ava!

Getting some help opening gifts

Zoe checking out the dog!

The ice cream cake


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What a great day!!