Sunday, September 26, 2010

Names, Names, Names...

It is crazy how much time is spent thinking about a name for your baby. It is something that they will carry with them forever! It is something that you want them to be proud of and like. It is so hard to chose when you don't even know them yet. Before we had Emma I had a boys name picked out and that is the name that we are going to go with but at the same time I ponder about all the other names that I like. I know we will go with the original name but I do like to ponder the million other choices there are!!!

No Matter What The Little Bugs Name is he is going to have a big sister that LOVES him!!!!
When asked where the baby is she points to my belly and kisses it!
(If only she knew what that baby means!!!!)

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Jillian said...

Emerson does the same thing! She hugs and kisses my belly and says the her name:) Well the name I picked out but haven't convinced the hubs of yet!! And where are your belly pics??