Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All sorts of Emotions come with moving!

Excuse the rambling here:)

Today I felt a flood of emotions! This morning I drove Jeff to work and it is the same route that I would take to Christ Church. I thought of all the great times, people and students (and their families) that I met through there. Each of these people changed my life in ways that they may never know! They opened up their hearts to me when I was so confused in the education system down here. I quickly learned that there are good schools and amazing administrators here... you just have to seek out the schools!! They also were beyond kind, loving and caring for Jeff and I when we went through our difficult pregnancy with Emma and then showed a tremendous amount of love and support once she was born and spent some time in the hospital! I will never forget all the kindness that we received from them! I am MORE then happy and blessed to be spending every second I can with Emma and to be moving back to New York but it is still sad to not see the smiling faces of so many kids and to be hearing what a great job you are doing while with them. Their hugs everyday could turn the worse day around! It truly was the best place for me to be working and I miss all of those I met through there!!

Today I was having a craving.... well actually it started yesterday and I caved today! I NEEDED (well WANTED!) french fries!!! Emma and I went to get fries and a soda and came home to make the rest of our lunch but as I was turning into the subdivision I got teary eyed.... This is OUR home! We started our marriage and family here and it will be sad to leave! I will be sad to leave the room that I thought so hard about for Emma! I will have to make sure I have pictures so I can show her what her first room looked like. I need to take pictures of the house but right now it is a mess with piles and boxes all over the place. But I guess will that matter years from now as we look back at our first home! Those piles and boxes will be a reminder of the chaos we were going through:) Again it is sad that we are leaving OUR first home but exciting that we are moving to a new home and new memories just waiting to happen with our growing family!!

Miyabi's! Well those of you that know me, know that I LOVE the Japanese Steak House! This is one of the first places Jeff and I went to down here when I came to visit a few years back for Fall for Greenville. It was nice to go there this evening a last time before we leave. Emma did great until they were packing up our to go boxes. She had had enough of sitting! I am going to have to find some of that white sauce for Jeff up in NY:)

No matter where I am, if I am with Jeff, Emma and our dogs I am happy! This is something that I am glad that I can say. I have seen in the last few months how some people are unhappy with their own life and they can show it out of jealous. I am so HAPPY that no matter where I am if I am with my family I am happy and happy for others when they have exciting things happening in their life....

I am not really sure the point of this entry.... I guess it was just what was going on in my head today. I came back to it a few times to write a little more each time....

Basically the word that comes to mind for me is THANKFUL! Thankful for all that we have been through as a family and all the new experiences and memories we will have as a family! I just hope one day everyone can be as blessed as I am to feel all of that!!

If you have stayed through all the rambling... Here are two pictures of Emma from Miyabi's tonight

At the end we had to get out the DVD player so we could finish up!

Watching the Chef cook her dinner!

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humansparkler said...

I missed this one somehow! I am glad that you are happy. I think pictures of boxes are great. We moved a LOT when I was a kid and those moves are part of my history. They were sometimes hard, but overall of course I am thankful for all of them. And this might be your last! We will really miss you guys. I am glad we got to be a part of Emma's life when she was a tiny peanut! I am glad we have the internet to keep in touch. We will make some kind of trip up north soon, too.