Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy, crazy week!!!

We headed up to NY on Friday night and got in late (way past Emma's Bedtime!!!). We spent Saturday and Sunday looking at houses while Emma played with her cousins and Aunt Kim. There is not much on the market that leaves us in a tough situation on what to do.....

Jeff left Monday and Emma and I did some running around and tried to stay out of the house as much as possible so my mom could recovery from her surgery that was on Friday.

Jeff came back on Friday and we had put a purchase offer on a house that I had gone to see without him.... It was under a contingency contract and ended up going in the favor of the other buyer so we are back at square one. I am going with things happen for a reason and something was meant to be.... I think we will be putting another offer in today on plan b..... so the waiting game starts again.....

We are heading back to SC this evening (another LATE flight:(!!!) for our last few weeks in SC!!! Very bittersweet! We will miss all of our friends a lot but now we have a warm place to visit in the spring when winter is finishing up here! Emma will be able to experience the 4 seasons this year!!

I will try to get some pictures this week!!! I guess I wasn't in the picture taking mood!!!

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