Monday, September 27, 2010


18 months.... that sounds better then saying she is 1.5 years old! 18 months still has the ring of baby in it.... When she is 5 can I still say she is 60 months to have that baby sound:)
I can't believe that this tiny girl that can home from the hospital at just over 4lbs is now over 24!!! She has gained over 20lbs in 18months!!! She is in the 56% for weight and is in the 80% for height at 32.75inches!!!
*** She went from (decimal).64% to the 57% in weight and from about 6%-80% in height! AMAZING!!!!

At 18months she is starting to get into trouble. She is just beginning to climb onto things. When she does she gets a big smile and claps for herself. She is afraid of a lot so she doesn't do too much climbing! Thank God!!!
She loves her dogs more than anything! When she is done eating she hands food to them. When I look over she just shakes her head no with a smile as her hand is still held down for them to eat out of!! Although she shouldn't do it, she is so cute and don't all kids feed their dogs their unwanted food!!!

Emma continues to be a fabulous sleeper (minus the last few mornings:)!!!!)! She is typically in bed by 6:45 and asleep by 7:00. She takes 1 nap a day that range from 2-3+ hours. Lately it has been around 2.5.
She is becoming more picky with her food. Actually she won't even try it.... I am hoping she isn't going to be like me:)!

Overall, we had a great apt! Emma didn't need any regular vaccines but got the flu shot. She hated it but it was ALL better when I told her they were bringing a popsicle! Amazing what a simple freeze pop can do!!!

This is Emma in her first week at the hospital....

This is her today (well not really today)

Just a little bit bigger!!



Jillian said...

So sweet! I love the picture of her under your hospital gown!! So sweet!

West Family said...

That was the first time I got to hold her. It was about 24hours after she was born!

JJ Mom said...

It's amazing how much she has grown!