Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy, BUsy, BUSy, BUSY!!!

I could say that word a million times over and it wouldn't explain how we have felt!!! Today we had our house in SC appraised so hopefully all will go well with that. Jeff scheduled the movers to come and pack the house on the 13th and load the truck on the 14th!! Crazy!! Although we are VERY blessed to be having the movers come and pack the whole house for us.... clothes and all there is still a lot that we have had to do.... organize and weed out a lot. I feel like I am almost there....

This weekend our Friend Katy, John and Jack had a party for us. It was so sweet and nice to get together again with everyone. I am going to miss our friends here. When you live away from family your friends become family to you and each of them have in many ways!!!
Here are a few pictures of the kids!

Emma with Mrs. Bunny!

Kate is probably thinking... why does she have MY buh-buh????

Emma and Kate! WE WILL MISS THEM!!!

Just for kicks here is one of Kate and Emma in their first meeting!!! WOW have they grown!!!

Thanks for a GREAT TIME KATY!!! We will miss everyone VERY MUCH!!! When you all want to escape the summer heat you have a place to come and we are ready to escape the winter snow you might find us knocking on your door!!!

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