Tuesday, September 14, 2010

coming together....

I am a worrier.... always have been and always will be! BUT... I should have listened to everyone tell me not to worry!!!! I was worried I would never be able to move back north....it is happening! I worried our house wouldn't sell.... SOLD!!!! I worried we wouldn't find a house.... DONE!!!!
ALL OF THIS HAPPENED because of my WONDERFUL husband!!! That is why we love him SOOO MUCH!!!!

Now it is just getting it all done with and settled in the new house before this new "little Bug" rocks our world!!!!

My new Vera Bradley Bag.... Now that I only take a diaper and wipes with me for Emma I thought this would be useful while the other diaper bag is filled with the little bugs stuff! This will be for just Emma and I!! My little Girl!

Playing dress up:)

Ever since taking pictures in the dark she feels the need to close her eyes!

Emma's friend Alyssa in CA sent her some clothes while we were home in NY and the box of clothes entertained her for the week!!! THANKS!!!!

Miss E LOVES walking around in BIG shoes!!!

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