Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Surgery day

Monday was surgery day for Liam. He went and got tubes replaces and adenoids out. We are hoping that this will give the little guy a break with being sick all the time. He has been sick basically since he was 9 months old! Hopefully this does the trick and we have a heathy years from this day forward!!!
Trying to keep him busy before we went back.  All he wanted was a "bar" and cup!

Giving daddy high 5's

Thank god for ipads and Mater toons!
Liam does not wake up well from anesthesia!  After about 45 minutes he finally fell  back to sleep for about an hour and woke up MUCH happier!!  Ate 2 popsicles and drank his juice so he was able to go home!!
Busting out of here!  
He liked his ride until they started to push him:)
More popsicles at home and a long nap did this little guy good!
I couldn't let him have all the attention:)  I was going to the doctor in the afternoon for my knee to get the MRI scheduled.... 18 months after I was told to get the MRI;)  But on Sunday I did this to my foot.  So I had her check this out too!  It is killing me and I wish I could take some of the pain meds I have from previous surgeries but I hate taking them so I just suck up the pain;) (with csections I only took the meds for a day after getting home!  Hate how they make me feel!) 

I think Jeff is ready to admit Liam and I into a medical facility soon!!

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