Friday, July 12, 2013

A view of life through instagram:)

I love my camera and it is almost always just an arms reach away but sometimes it is just easier to grab the little phone and instagram those moments.  I usually have them on both;)  My kids know when I am around so is the camera or when Aunt Jill is around be prepared for 100 pictures taken;)  Delaney is not a big fan of me when she sees that being taken out;)!

Not sure if I had put this picture on but this boy LOVES his sand box!!!  He played in here for about an hour and a half one morning by himself.  He just sat there with his trucks and sand sweating to death having the best time! 

Going for a tractor ride with Daddy:)  Waiting for him to finish so we could break out the water toys!

 Getting ready for PLANES!!!  I think I might be more excited then them.  We will wait a few weeks before we see it because I want to go when the theater is less packed;)  I also think we will be in SC when it comes out!  If all works out with that trip and dr appointments here! 
When I was at target I saw this book in the 1$ section.  Biggest mistake only buying one:)  Of course they both want it ALL the time!!

 Thanks to pintrest I decided to do something that Jeff has wanted to do since we moved in but I didn't want to go through the LONG process!  Seeing the pictures on pintrest got me excited so off to Home Depot we went:) 
 Time to start painting all the molding in the house!  YIKES!!!  With that means that most of the rooms will get painted too!  We started in the hallway because I have been wanting to paint the door black for a year!  I am loving it so far and all we have done is the hallway... minus the crown molding and doors.  I think the crown molding will be the VERY last thing that gets done!!  It looks great and I LOVE it already!!!!

 Seriously it is already looking like a new house and we haven't even painted the walls yet!
This sweet little guy refuses to eat... ANYTHING!  So I told him he had to sit in the baby chair... we never used a real highchair, just hte space saver seats.  He thought this was the coolest thing and ate two meals in a row... then the coolness wore off and we are back to a bite at each meal;)  He will eat when he is hungry right???  I guess probably the reason 12 month shorts fall off his waist, ha!
 She headed to the Dentist!  Yes she is 4 and just going!  No judging!   Emma is some sensory issues going on and I have not felt that we would have had a successful trip until now.  Our Dentist office is amazing and she loved them.  I had just switched to them and went the week before and knew that she would not be scared there:)!  She did great but won't let them use the electric toothbrush which I knew she wouldn't but figured I would let them try.  She would have let them do it but she was so scared so they said lets not do that... we didn't want her to fear going back! 
 It was such a special day that Lilly got to tag along to get her teeth cleaned too!  Emma in formed me that Lilly does not have teeth, just stuffing! :)  That was a big treat because Lilly and Skippy are not allowed to leave the house.  Very rarely do they get to go for car rides.  They can go to Mema and Papa's and that is it.  Some days are better then others when we leave her behind

Liam was downstairs for about 20 minutes the other AM and I couldn't hear what he was doing so I went to check in with him.  He was sitting playing with this little table!  It has not been used in a long time and he was dancing away with it!  Looks like it will be getting some use again!!
 Emma outfit of the moment yesterday!  She thought she look gorgeous and I just prayed while we were in the car nothing happened that we would need to get out for!  We were going to meet Jeff in the parking lot of the orthopedic afterhours and she wanted to wear that.  she did have her 12 month tutu on but I told her she needed shorts:)  Luckily nobody but mommy and daddy saw her!

Me on the other hand... I was not so lucky at the ortho.  I knew I had done something to my foot when I dislocated the toe and I sure did... broke in two places!  OUCH!!!  I wish I could say I was rock climbing or wakeboarding or doing something cool... instead I said oh I was just walking down our hallway!  Only me!!!  The dr could not believe I had gone almost 2 weeks because she said it must hurt A LOT!  yep... it does!
 Watching the world outside!
a boy and his dog
 Trying to get Guin-Guin to sleep with Emma:)
a girl and her dog! 

Maybe next week we will have real pictures:)

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