Monday, July 22, 2013

ADK Part II.... same day-different post:)

Some more pictures of the Adirondacks!

Waiting for his turn to fish:)

The cousins all relaxing with their feet in the water!


Sun is gone and getting ready for SMORES!!!
This little guy didn't get to stay up for the fun!

Why my kids go to bed early you ask.... They sleep later and better!  These two sweet smiles went to be SUPER late (for them!) and got up MUCH MUCH MUCH earlier then they normal do!!  I was also reminded why I do NOT sleep in bed with Emma... I think I am covered in bruises from being kicked all night;)

All smiles after only getting about 8.5 hours of sleep!  but those smiles didn't last too long;)

This one had to force the smile after not getting a good night sleep

Both happy to be sleeping!  They were sleeping within 10 minutes of leaving!!

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