Sunday, July 21, 2013

ADK... a day trip

This past week Kim and Eric were up at a friends camp painting... well Eric was doing that part:) Kim was on vacation with the kids! We decided to crash her vacation with a day trip. There really are no words to describe to beauty of the Adirondacks. If you have never been there you really are missing out! I know there are beautiful places all over the world but this is one of NY's most beautiful places!!! Every state has their place and this is ours... This picture I think captures a little of the beauty of where we were! 
There is nothing like sitting next to a lake, looking at mountains and having a snack:)!
Emma wasted NO time in jumping in.  I couldn't get my camera out and down the dock fast enough.  She watcher H,D, and A and she went right in.  I don't think she was expecting it to be that deep and was a little frightened at first when she was in.  Once she saw where the ladder was she was right back at it!!!

some shallow water playtime with Delaney
Loving life right now!

The girls relaxing with snacks on the Hammock!  Who wouldn't want to spend the day resting and napping right there??!!


1....2...3... JUMP!
Liam was the judge:)
The girls and their matching bottoms:)
Emma and Liam were preparing for the campfire and smores:)
She was rubbing two sticks together... Kim and I had all we could do to not laugh.  No clue where she learned that

Game time with Delaney!!  She was very excited;)  Haha!

A little Fishing break for Uncle E:)

Picking blueberries!  YUMMY!

There will be more later:)  I need to go through the 200 pictures and pick a few (or a lot!)

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