Sunday, July 21, 2013


Emma got to meet her cousin Shannon last maybe two weeks ago!  Shannon, Bonnie and Danny were in town from CA and Emma fell in LOVE with Shannon!  She is still asking when we can see Shannon and the Funny guy:)  That would be her dad, Danny!  I am so happy that we got to see them when they were in town and hope they are ready for visitors when we come to CarsLand in Disney Land:)
Emma was loving on Aunt Margie and Shannon the WHOLE time:)  They also got a lot of QT with Lilly and her cousin Dottie:)

 Showing off!

This cutie enjoyed his water time too!!
These three were having too much fun!!  Not sure what Emma would do without her Hadley and Laney!!
Not the best of pictures of Emma (sidetracked by the TV!)  We had so much fun getting to see family that we had not seen in MANY MANY years!   

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