Monday, April 1, 2013

Emma Rose- 4 Years old!

Emma's birthday was a week ago.   I would like to say that we have been so busy that I have not had time to write about her fourth birthday!  Truth is.... I am in denial that my little tiny baby is 4 years old!
It continues to amaze me that this tiny little peanut can turn into such a big, beautiful and kind hearted little girl in a blink of an eye!
In this past year Emma has grown so much!  I can't believe that she started school without shedding a tear.  I had planned for days and weeks of crying at drop off.  Instead I got a hug and a kiss and off she went!  She quickly made friends with all the kids and never once has not wanted to go to school.  I hope this continues for many years.  That she will never fight me in going to school and will always love it there!!

We have never done the big birthday thing and so far that is just fine with Emma.  She had a great time with her cousins and that is all she needs!  She wanted a horse cake and a pinata because Hadley and Laney had one at 4 so that means I get one at 4!!
Pre-party Love:)
Last year Emma would get all shy when we sang Happy Birthday to her... This year she LOVED it!  She understood more what her birthday meant!  She loved the idea of getting presents:)
Liams Favorite of the day! He really is the BEST older cousin!! 

The 4 year olds!!!  For a month!!!   It is crazy to think that Hadley and Delaney were just 2 months old at my wedding!  The were the tiniest and cutest girls there!  Never in a million years did I think they would have a cousin by their first birthday:)!  Emma's 2nd due date that she was given was their birthday.  I thought it would be pretty neat if she came on their birthday and they could share that day!  Instead she came early and now I think it is pretty neat for a short period of time these girls are all the same age!  She loves having them around and I love that she has "older sisters" right around the corner.  She will always have someone to talk to when she hates mom and dad when she is a teenager!!!

Aunt  Kim is the BEST!  She made her day with that horse!!  She is so excited to have a horse just like Laney's now!!!!

Grandma, Mema and Papa (and mom and dad) went in together to get her and Liam a Gator for the birthday (s).  They have only been able to use it a little but so far they love it!

Mema and Papa (but papa couldn't this year) are going to start taking the kids out on their birthday to get a small gift and to lunch.  Emma was very excited to go on a lunch date with Mema and not Liam!!

Just before they left she got a special delivery from the sweetest boy!!!  Ryan (I watched him a couple days a week last year) brought her flowers!  She was so cute about it!   He is going to make a girl happy one day;)!!

I hope you had a great birthday Emma and I can't believe you are already 4 and next year at this time I will be registering you for Kindergarten!!  I can't even think about that now or the tears will begint o form.  For now I will just soak inevery minute I can of you being 4 and try to ignore the moments you are 4 but acting like you are 16!  I guess it is preparation for what is to come in 12 years!!!

We go to the dr. on friday to get the official stats but by my measuring this girl grew 4 inches this past year!!!  She is in desperate need of pants but I am holding off in hopes that spring will arrive one day!!!

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